Biotyping, otherwise known as Metabolic typing or Body-typing, is the recognition of our different inherited genetic metabolism. As a Nutritionist I love it, because it keeps things really simple and easy to understand.  This make it incredibly relate-able whilst providing an owner’s manual to your body and health!

So, what is Bio-typing?

Throughout the ages man has recognised that no one diet fits all.  That our bodies are different and our nutritional needs are different.  Therefore our diets should be different also.  

If we look back through history we can see attempts to categorise different body types.  Hippocrate, the father of medicine described four constitutional types.  He believed that the study of these types was of significant importance to physicians of his time.

Medical science is increasingly aware that 21st century human beings are still governed by ancient biological traits. These are crucial to our physical, mental and psychological make-up. 

Homo sapiens evolved between 200,000 and 10,000 years ago.  A continuous cycle of adaptation in response to the changing needs for different terrain and different climates.  Anthropological studies show that ancient races were stronger, had few or no chronic, degenerative diseases, were in many ways physically superior.  

What are the key benefits of Biotyping?

The key benefits of Bio-typing are that we gain specific knowledge and insight into the optimal diet for our maximum performance. We learn which foods cause us to gain or loose weight.  We learn the best time of day to eat certain foods.  The best macro-nutrient ratio for our bodies.  We learn why we have certain food craving specific to our body type and how to stop them.  We understand what an ideal but realistic body shape is for your type.  We also learn about certain character traits; i.e. what motivates you and aids your growth.  It is based on naturopathic philosophy that the body will always reach toward a state of health and equilibrium using its own resources to heal itself.

Another key benefit is that Biotyping is simple!  There are only 5 Biotypes.  The definition between each Biotype is clear with congruent markers, and best of all, it works!

The development of Bio-types and key differences between other forms of Metabolic typing.

Other systems of metabolic typing do exist also.  We have Ayurvedic doshas from the East, Blood typing, Woolcott’s system and Different Bodies, different diets from Carolyn Mein.  However these other forms of Biotyping seems to carry complexities this system has managed to avoid.  Ayurveda takes years of experience to apply successfully.  Blood typing intimates carrying a list of good / bad foods that are lengthy and very difficult to apply. Walcott’s system involves very lengthy questionnaires and Different Bodies implies 25 types required to differentiate, rather than just five.

Each type is based on a dominant endocrine gland/s, which is your dominant strength, providing physical mental and emotional characteristics.  Most people have a dominant and sub-dominant Biotype, with overlapping characteristics.  

Hunter Gatherer Evolved directly from the Paloeolithic diet.  Nomadic, wandering, hunting and gathering food from surrounding environment.  The Hunter Gatherer is in constant search for food so high energy expenditure with fast metabolisms.  These types are suited to both cooked and raw food.  

Pathfinder The development of the Pathfinder occurred when humans started migrating.  Still wondering and hunting and fathering foods, these types are nomadic who love exploring.  They developed a more specific search for food for their high energy needs.  Again a fast metabolic rate with both cooked and raw food being suitable choices.  This type experienced the introduction of root vegetables as they began to settle.  

Pioneer are conquerors of many worlds and places.  These people were moving from one side of the earth to the other always pushing themselves to achieve.  They are strong and single focused.  They used to collect everything that was made available to them in that moment and made it last until the next thing was found.  These people have great aptitude to physical and mental adaptation.  

Farmer Gardeners The original settlers.  This types nurtured and started to settle.  They are natural carers, with the drive to look after the whole world given the chance. They are a static Biotype and enjoy groups hubs and community gossip.  

Dancers The newest of all the Biotypes.  Other names for them is the Urban Warrior or Urban Butterfly.  A merging of Pathfinder and Farmer Gardener.  They are stability and strength combined in one Biotype. The key difference between this and the other four types is that Dancers evolved out of a changing social structure, rather than survival adaptation.